Tuesday, February 16, 2010

O where O where is spring??

That is the question that I keep asking myself. And each is just colder and colder. I really need some warm weather sent our way! The past 2 1/2 weeks have been rough on this old body of mine! Started out with me getting pneumonia and with being pregnant it is even harder on the body! The first round of antibiotics didn't work so my OB sent me to see my family doctor. Now I haven't been there in 3 years so that tells you how often I am really sick. He wanted me to wait it out because my antibiotic stayed in your body for 5 days. Well when the 5th day rolled around and I was still miserable I called him and he started me on another on that I am still taking. This has finally helped me. That pneumonia really knocked me off my feet. The day I was at his office Bradyn decides that he needs to get sick and vomits all over everything and continued to do so the entire trip home (which was not short!) After multiple stops along the way to clean him up we finally get home and I get him bathed and settled in for a nap. I am a mess by this time because I feel like crap myself and now have a sick kid and Bob is out of town on a business trip. I really thought I was losing my mind!

Two days later I get what Bradyn had on top of my pneumonia. Now I really thought I was losing it!! I have never felt so bad as I did those 2 days. Thank goodness Bob was home by then and played mommy those 2 days! He was wonderful! I thought Bob was safe from the illness because a whole week goes by and he hasn't gotten sick until this past weekend and then he had the same bug all weekend! Poor guy.

Bradyn then starts getting a fever on Saturday with a little congested cough so I thought he was just getting a cold. Well it continued and then last night after work we took him to the peds after hour clinic and they swabbed him for strept which the rapid was negative so that is good news. However, with his fever he can't go to daycare so I am home with him today! Bob had too many meetings at work today that he couldn't miss. Bradyn's tonsils are all red and inflamed and he just looks sick. Poor guy is miserable. He was up quite a bit and so needless to say neither him nor I got a good nights sleep. I hope that he feels better soon! The Doctor told us that kids that are in daycare average 10 plus viruses a year with this being the worst time for them and then last from 7-14 days so they are sick half a year! I believe that is true!!

On a happier note, my pregnancy is going very well. I go for a sono on March 4th and hopefully we will find out what we are having. Bradyn is very excited about the baby and consistently refers to the baby as his baby sister! He has even told his teachers that he is getting a baby sister! He is funny.

That boy loves to come home and tell us about his day at school and who got put in timeout. There is one boy that he consistently tells us that he's in timeout. Poor kid is always in trouble. Bradyn is quite the story teller!

He can now count to 10 in Spanish and complete his alphabet without missing any letters. He has also been buttoning his own shirts. He is very good with his fine motor skills. He continues to bring joy to our lives everyday and I thank GOD for giving us such a beautiful boy!