Wednesday, January 20, 2010

When is Spring??

I can't stand this cold yucky weather we are having! It is MISERABLE! Today we have had nothing but freezing rain all day. I had plans to go do some errands but I can't even get to my mailbox! UGH!

We are doing well here. Not much exciting happening. We did take Bradyn to his first hockey game since last year on Saturday and that boy loved it. Last year he really wasn't into it but this year was a whole other story. From the time he got up Saturday all he talked about was going to the game. He wanted to wear his cute Penguins Hockey outfit he got from Christmas (From Bama and Papa Ware) -oh did he look cute but of course good ole momma forgot to get a picture of him in it with my camera- next time! He wanted to take his hockey stick and puck with him to the game. I finally convinced to leave the puck at home because I was afraid that he would throw it. So off to dinner we went and then to the game. That boy was hypnotized! He never once moved the entire game even during the intermissions and asked a million questions about the game. It was unbelievable. The game went into OT and then a shootout and when it was over he STILL didn't want to leave! He wanted to watch "boys play more hockey"- now by this time it is 10:30pm WAY past his bedtime. I finally convinced him that the boys were going home to bed and we would come back again. So funny. Sunday morning he gets up and the first words out of his mouth were "I go see boys play hockey." I think I have a hockey boy on my hands! I still am amazed how much he was into it.

I am going to sign him up fro skating lessons. He has to be 3 so that is not too far away. I think that he will enjoy that and then he can start playing hockey when he is 4 or 5.

Not much else happening. All is going well with the pregnancy. I will be 15 weeks tomorrow and go back to the doctor on Feb 3rd. Have a great week!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cute Things said by Bradyn

This is going to be a post just for Bradyn! He has said so many cute things lately that I would like to share. His vocabulary is really picking up and he is putting words together really well.

A couple of months ago at church during Pastor's sermon Bradyn was playing with some toys and Pastor was raising his voice. Of course the church is as quiet as can be and Bradyn says "GOD being bad"

Mommy says "No, honey God is not bad- shhh"

Bradyn "GOD being bad" This went on and on about 4 times.Then finally he quit. So we leave church and Bradyn reaches out to shake Pastor's hand and teases him by not shaking it. As we are going outside Bradyn says "I want to shake GOD's hand!" He thinks that Pastor is GOD. Oh boy how do you explain that one to a 2 1/2 year old! Just recently after we picked him up from Sunday school we were walking down the hallway to go to church and we pass Pastor. Bradyn says "There's GOD!" Can't help but laugh!!

The other day he asked me where my food goes when I am eating. I said "to my belly"

He says "baby eat it, Baby hungry?"

Me "Yes the baby is hungry"

He says "Baby sister in my belly eats my food"

(He is hooked on getting a baby sister because his best little buddy at daycare has a baby sister!)

I show him my belly that is growing and tell him that there is a baby in there. He says "big baby in there, Mommy?"

Me "yes the baby will be big when it comes out"

He says "I have a baby sister in my belly!"

We went shopping the day after New Years. I promised him that he could ride the train if he was a good boy so he was all excited. Now when we got there the train was running. When we go back past it the train is not and there is no one around. Now this was on a Saturday afternoon. So we run into a security officer and ask him about it and he says that it is done for the season. The stupid mall just decided to stop the train in the middle of a holiday weekend afternoon. Needless to say I was upset and so was Bradyn. So Mommy needs to explain to him that the train is done and he needs to wait until Christmas comes again to ride it. Poor little guy starts having tears run down his face and his little lip comes out. He looked so sad. So I tell him that I will think of something special for him because Mommy was a bad mommy and should have just let him ride it right away when we got there. He looks at me with tears running down his face and says "You not a bad mommy, I love you, I give you hug" Oh boy the pregnancy hormonal person that I am starts crying! That boy knows how to melt my heart!!

Our other mall has a mini merry go round all year round so I promised him that I would take him there soon so he could ride that. I did buy him his own milkshake that day so he was pretty happy with that.

His newest thing is if Bob gets mad at him about something Bradyn says "I not bad daddy. I mommy's baby!" (He is sooo right!)

If you answer him with a "MMHMM" He will say "don't say MMHMM says yes" Not sure where he learned that one at.

We have really been working on potty training this week and he has done really well. He will actually tell you when he needs to go pee but he will not poop on the potty! So we are at Walmart last night and he says "Mommy do they have a potty"

I say "yes, do you have to pee?"

He says "yes" so off we go and he did pee. After he settled down over the thought of falling on the toilet. I convinced him that mommy would never let that happen. I was so proud of him. Hopefully he will be completely trained here in a month or so!

I hope that you enjoyed the post. Bradyn is growing into a fine young man. I treasure each and every moment that we spend together and I am thankful to GOD that he gave me such a beautiful, happy and healthy boy! Oh I love him so!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Wow, I can't believe that it is 2010! Oh how time flies when we get older! We were blessed with a wonderful 2009 and look for the same this year. As you all know we are expecting Baby #2 and we are quite excited about that! Things are going well with my pregnancy and I will be 12 weeks on Monday. Lots to look forward to this year!

We went to dinner last night and then rung in the New Year at home. Bob's parents came to visit on Wednesday so we are enjoying their company and of course Bradyn is having fun with Bama and Papa. I am cooking dinner today and we are having a few friends over so that should be fun. Bradyn is looking forward to a playmate. They have a 2 year old daughter. We will see how sharing of his new toys go!!

Thanks to all of our family for the wonderful Christmas gift! We had a great Christmas. Bradyn was really into it this year. The boy was sooooo excited that he was up at 5:30 AM! Now of course Momma and Daddy were NOT too happy about that but he was so cute that it was hard to be angry! I told him to crawl back in bed cause it was still night time and he said "NO, I go downstairs and see Santa" We have a loft that overlooks our family room and he went over to the banisters and was peeking through and said "Santa presents!" The boy is too smart! So down we went and the first thing that he wanted to do was make sure that Santa and the reindeer ate their food. He was pretty excited about that. We had a wonderful day with just the 3 of us.

I am going to post my Thanksgiving pics from when we were home to PA and then hopefully I can get caught up.

Much peace and happiness to all in this new year!