Friday, August 13, 2010

Wow 8 Weeks Already!

I think that time flies even faster when the 2nd child arrives! Brenna will be 9 weeks old on Sunday-so hard to believe. She is a super good baby just like Bradyn was! She has only been getting up once during the nights and for the past week she's been sleeping thru the night. She still sleeps alot during the day but her periods of alertness have gotten longer. It is amazing to see how much she has grown and changed in the past 8 weeks. She has definitely gained weight because her clothes are fitting much better.

We were lucky enough to have my in-laws here for Brenna's delivery so that they could watch Bradyn for us. This helped ease our minds as we were in the hospital. It is hard not having family close by. Bradyn of course enjoyed the time with them but on our last night at the hospital he had a melt down. He had fallen asleep in my bed for a nap and when I woke him so he could go home he cried because he wanted me to come too! Needless to say, wiht my pregnancy hormones being out of whack I cried too! Bama and Papa were finally able to get him out the door and when he was getting in their jeep he goes "I love my mommy so much" and had tears streaming down his face! He is such a momma's boy! Having the grandparents here instead of him staying with a friend made a huge difference for him so I am thankful they were able to come!

Big brother Bradyn has been SUPER! He has done much better than I ever expected! He is very attentive to her and is full of kisses for her. It is very cute to hear him talk to her. His voice is very soothing for her when she's crying. He tells her that she's cute all the time. So sweet that boy!

We took him for a fun outing a couple of weeks ago because he has been so good. We went miniature golfing for the first time with him and then enjoyed some ice cream after wards. He had a blast! Bob and I had fun watching him play.

My sister and parents were here recently for a visit which we were happy to see them. Bradyn loved having "new"playmates! I think he gets bored sometimes with just Bob and I. We went to Chuck E Cheese one night which was fun for all of us! That was the first night that Brenna slept through the nite and it was because she couldn't sleep while we were there because it was so noisy and bright!

My sister and I went to the mall one day which was fun because I hate shopping by myself. I got lots of good deals on kid clothing for this fall and next summer. Then my parents and us went to the Children's Museum over the weekend. There was a ton of stuff to do there and Bradyn had a good time.

Bob and I even got to go out one evening-thanks to my parents for the babysitting! We went to see "The Switch"- which was good. That's the first time out for us since last year so the babysitting was much appreciated!

Of course, we got a little spoiled by all of my Mom's homemade cooking-yummy! Thanks Mom!
We sure enjoy having the company!

We are back in the routine of things this week. Bradyn moved up to a new class at school so that is exciting for him! He has some new kids in his class so am sure we will hear lots of stories!

Enjoy the pictures!