Sunday, October 3, 2010

The time has come

The time has come for me to return to work. :( Since I did not win a million dollars while I was off I do have to return. Brenna is 12 weeks old today. So hard to believe-it sure has flown by! I have enjoyed every minute of my maternity leave (Even those first few weeks of sleepless nights!) It has been wonderful to spend the first 12 weeks of her life with her every moment of the day! She is a sweet and loving baby. She is very laid back and so much fun to be with. I really am going to miss her while I am at work.

I have also enjoyed the extra mommy and Bradyn time. It is amazing to see how much that boy has grown and changed. He is so sweet and kind and intelligent. He loves his sister and is so excited for her to start school with him this week. My first day back is Tuesday. When I told Bradyn that mommy has to go back to work and is sad, he said "well, you just need to have another baby mommy so you can be off work again!" He then says "Sissy is getting big so we need another baby!" O how I love that boy's thinking!

I love being a mommy! The joys that my children have brought into our lives is priceless. The endless hugs, kisses, snuggles and I love you's is so worth it all. I want Bradyn and Brenna to know how much I love them and how they have brought so much love to our lives. GOD definitely has blessed us with 2 beautiful children and I thank him each and every day for giving us the opportunity to be parents!

I really am dreading Tuesday-makes my stomach hurt to even think about it. I wish that we lived in a country where mommy's got a year off for maternity leave. I know that Brenna will be fine because she will be at a church daycare and will get the love that she needs while I am at work but it still makes me sad knowing that I will be away from her for so long. Bradyn has been there since he was 11 weeks old and I see how much that boy has learned and I know it is good for them but I just wish I could be with her til she was a little older.

We were able to make a trip to PA to visit family and attend a friend's wedding reception 2 weeks ago. It was nice to be home while the weather was nice. We usually are home when it's snowy outside. Bradyn got to enjoy the week with both sets of grandparents and spend tons of time outside playing which he loved. He even overcame his fear of dogs that week which I am so happy about. He was quite sad when we left the grandparents behind and cried several times on the way back. Both the kids were excellent travelers and never heard a peep out of either one of them.

We have a few fun things coming up this month with the start of fall. I hope that you enjoy the pictures!