Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hot weather

It has been HOT here- in the mid 80's! I am not ready for that yet. It has crazy. Too hot to spend much time outdoors at one time. We have had a busy few days. Bradyn LOVES the nice weather and would spend all day outside if he could. Wednesday, he had swim lessons and did really well. He is really catching on to things and enjoying it.

Thursday was busy at work and Friday we took Bradyn out for ice cream after dinner- which he loved. The weather was perfect. Saturday I got to plant some flower seeds and clean my flower bed out. It looks great and of course I had some help! Bradyn loved helping! He has his own little tools and gloves and he put them to use. Bob had a birthday party to go to that evening and Bradyn and I went and got dinner and hung out at home.

Today we went to church, Sams and then to McDonald's for lunch and Bradyn actually ate pretty well. He's doing better with eating when we go out to eat. We are getting ready for our week to start tomorrow. Am sure I will be busy at work this week. We are to get some strong storms tonight again and rain the next couple of days. I love when it's hot outside and rains BUT not when there is a chance of tornadoes! Hopefully we won't have any of that but it is the season. Have a great week!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The terrible two's!

Oh my do I have a stubborn boy! My morning started out with Bradyn crying very hard for 45 minutes straight! He cried from the time that he got up until we left for daycare! Nothing made that boy happy. He was crying so hard that his nose was running and he was drooling because he couldn't catch his breath! It started out with the fact that he didn't want to take his pj's off, then he didn't want to eat or drink milk. then he didn't want mommy eating, he didn't want to go to daycare, didn't want to brush his teeth, then we get in the truck and we forgot to say bye to the cats so I had to bring Belle out and have her wave bye to him, then finally we are off to school BUT on the way there he forgot to make mommy coffee in his new kitchen and the crying starts all over again! I was exhausted BEFORE I even made it to work! Oh the drama of a 2 year old. And as I said before he is stubborn just like his daddy!!! Needless to say I was VERY happy to be going to work today!

Otherwise we have had a very busy week and a good week. Wednesday was swim lessons and Bradyn really did well. He is making progress. Thursday was a long day for him at daycare because I had an early meeting at work. We were busy each evening after dinner going to my friend's house to cat sit. Bradyn LOVED going to feed her kitties everyday. He still is asking about going to "Watch kitties" but my friend is home from her vacation.

We had a busy weekend. Saturday the weather was beautiful but we were busy doing chores. Sunday the weather was cold and rainy so we stayed home and hung out. The weather has been miserable this week so far but it is to be great by the end of the week.

Have a great week and I will try to get back to my regular posts!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Bradyn!

It's official that Bradyn is no longer a baby he's now a toddler! He turned 2 on Thursday! It is so hard to believe! Wow how time flies- seems like yesterday that I had him! I still recall that very special day that he was born and will cherish it forever. He has brought us so much joy and love! He of course will ALWAYS be my baby. I ask him whose baby are you and he says "Mommy's baby!"
I got him the cutest cake to take to daycare on Thursday- it was an elmo cupcake cake with cool icing on it. He wore his elmo shirt and looked so cute! He was so excited to go to school. He really had a good day there and I got to pick him up a little early because I left work early. He was walking in from playing outside with 8 little girls! It was so cute he was holding their hands! He was the only boy! He was so excited to see me.

When we got home Bob's parents had just arrived. Bradyn was excited to see them too but was a little shy at first. It sure did not take long for him to warm up though. We celebrated a little that evening with the leftover cupcakes and he opened some of his gifts. Thanks to our family for all the wonderful presents. It was so cute every time he would open something he would say "Oh my!" Too funny!

Friday we spent the day shopping which was a lot of fun except that it was cold and rainy half the day. We took Bradyn for an Easter egg hunt on Saturday- it took a little while for him to catch on and then he was totally into it! He kept saying "more eggs". He got to see the Easter bunny there and surprisingly was not scared. We came home then and I finished his elmo cake. It turned out great! I could be a professional cake decorator (ha ha). We then went shopping at the toy store. We got Bradyn a kitchen and a toddler bed. I am anxious to see how he does in that. We colored Easter eggs when we got home and Bradyn had so much fun with that! He would dip his WHOLE hand in the cup to get the egg out!

Sunday we went to church and then made dinner at home. We had an egg hunt for him . It was very cold but he had fun. We then had his official birthday party. It was fun.

Unfortunately, Bradyn and I both ended up with colds from being outside on Sunday. We are both miserable. On Monday, Bob's parents went home and we were back to work. Bradyn did not want to got to daycare this week. Both days he said to me "No work Mommy" Talk about breaking my heart! I think it was a combo of not feeling well and having me home with him 3 days in a row. Today, he has his 2 year checkup so I am anxious to see how that goes and then swim lessons tonight. I will post a few pics now and then put up a slide show later so check back!

Friday, April 10, 2009

WOW What a Week

I am sorry for the missed postings but it has been wild here! I will go back to my last posting- we had taken Bradyn to swim lessons on wed. While there he was really rubbing his eye and when we got home and after he had his bath I noticed that he had some drainage from his eye. Well, Thursday morning he woke up with a red swollen crusty eye! Poor guy! I was pretty sure that it was pink eye but I have never had it before so I was 100% sure. Well, I called into work and got him a doctor appt that morning. About 10 minutes after I called the doctor he started acting really fussy and lethargic and fell asleep in my arms which NEVER happens! So I knew something was up. I asked him what was wrong and he said his ear hurt- OH NO! So when we got to the doctor's office they checked his ears also and he had bilat ear infections and pink eye. The kid was MISERABLE! I felt so bad for him- he has never been so sick before. The doctor said that the one eardrum was ready to burst. Poor guy. So he got some antibiotics for ears and eye and he pretty much wanted to be held all day. Finally by 6 that night he was starting to play again. Friday his eye looked better and he had no fever so off to daycare he went.

I guess he was feeling so well on Friday that he decided to bite another child again not once but twice! OH my! I hope that is the end of it. That evening we went to the hockey game. Last time we were there Bradyn would not sit still so we weren't sure how this was going to go. He was great the entire game. He danced to the music and actually sat still for most of the game. After it was over he didn't want to leave- he kept saying "more hockey"

Saturday, we went grocery shopping and Bradyn was still talking about hockey. I told him that if the team makes the playoffs we will go see another game. I really miss not having our season tickets.

Sunday, we went to church and I got a lot of cleaning done around the house. Monday was back to work and then we had some trouble! We got home from work and Bob was going to the basement for me to get something out of the freezer and found about 3 inches of water in the basement! What a mess! So he discovered that our 3 month old sump pump decided to quit working and went to get another one. I decided to call the insurance company thinking I probably wouldn't reach anyone but it turns out that they have a 24 hour call center. So they recommended having someone come out to clean the basement to prevent mold and mildew. Bob got a new pump put in and by the guys showed up to clean the basement the water was gone so they sprayed it down and left a bunch of fans and dehumidifiers down there to dry it out. Now our basement needed cleaned out but this was not the way I wanted to do it!. We thought we were good to go until Tues morning when Bob got up and discovered that the hot water heater pilot lite was out and couldn't get it to relight because it was wet. So I had to call a plumber. We didn't know anyone so normally I would ask around at work for a recommendation but we needed someone in a pinch so I just opened the phone book and called the first add that I saw! I figured I had a 50/50 chance! Not really how I like to do things but not much of a choice at this point. So Bob took off work that afternoon and the plumber came only to tell us he recommended and new one! Turns out that he was a really nice guy so I did pretty good with my selection. He came back out on Wed to install the new one and the guys came back out to finish cleaning the basement since it was dry. It all worked out and our basement is cleaner than it was when we moved in!!

Yesterday was Bradyn's 2 year birthday so I will make a separate post on that as soon as I get his pics downloaded!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Windy central Illinois

I am SOOO tired of the wind here. It is so flat here that the wind just blows and blows. A few weeks ago I wrote about our grill blowing over and being destroyed well now we have a piece of fascia that blew off of our roof. This is a piece of aluminum that is kinda under the edge of the roof. It had bee flopping in the wind for about a week and FINALLY came off yesterday. It was driving us crazy because it would hit the siding and was very loud. Bob THOUGHT he was going to climb on the roof himself last Friday and rip it off and put a new one up. Well, he had no traction on the roof and I told him that he needed to get down. I had all these horrible images of him falling off the roof. The are he needed to go to is 25 feet high! I told him that I was calling a professional roofer to come do it plus we need an estimate on our roof anyways because we need a new one this year! He is so stubborn sometimes (wonder where Bradyn gets it from)!!!

Bradyn is doing well. He got to see the Easter Bunny at daycare yesterday and got his pic taken with him. He said that he liked him. We did take him for ice cream on Sunday to our little place in town. Yummy! He loved it and didn't want to wait until we got home to eat it!! We went shopping this morning and he got a birthday balloon and crown at toys r us. He loved it! He will not let that balloon out of his sight. He is putting 4 word sentences together! He is growing up so fast!

We have swim lessons tonight so I am going to try and get Bob to post some pics for me.