Wednesday, January 28, 2009

8 Weeks until Spring!

I am so ready for spring. We have had quite a bit of snow this year which I don't mind at all but the cold temps have been miserable. I think that it gets colder each winter. I really want to take Bradyn out to play in the snow but it has been COLD- nothing higher than the teens. I bought him snow boots and the tags are still on them because we haven't been able to go out yet. Maybe this weekend - it is to be in the 30's.

Not much happening here. Bob is home this week which has been nice to spend some family time together. Bradyn sure loves to play cars with his daddy! That's all he wants to do. Today at lunch he looks over at me and says "ah bummer Mommy" What?? Where did he learn that at? We think it had to be daycare because we do not say that. Too funny. He has discovered the word MINE. Everything is MINE! If the the cats touch something of his he says "NO MINE" He cracks me up.

We are gearing up for the Superbowl this weekend. We will be cheering for those STEELERS! I sure hope that they win. That will pretty much be our weekend, we have nothing else planned!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cold Again

Bradyn is feeling better finally. His little nose is still running like a faucet though. He has been back to his normal self. He decided to NOT take a nap today or yesterday. He is stubborn sometimes (not sure who he gets that from :) ) I will post a picture of him last night at dinner- the poor thing was SO tired from not napping that he fell asleep in his food! Yes, that's right- he put his head down in his food. He was out from then on until this morning! He slept about 12 1/2 hours!

Today we got up and it was only 4 degrees and it was really snowing so we decided to stay home. I really wanted to take Bradyn outside but the high was only 10 so we stayed inside all day and played and got some chores done.

I took Bradyn to the lapsit on Thursday and he really enjoyed it. The theme was trains. The librarian read a few books and then there were train related activities to do. We will have to make sure we go to the next one.

It was a busy week at work for both of us. Am sure we have another busy week again ahead of us. I am going to post a few photos- I promise!

Have a good week!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Poor Bradyn

Well, our week started off great with the Steelers winning on Sunday. We are so excited that they are going to the Super Bowl. Then on Monday, poor little Bradyn had a low grade temp at daycare. Bob picked me up from work with Bradyn because he had my car in for service and Bradyn screamed the entire trip home. Now this is not my child normally so I knew something was wrong. Poor little guy. We got home and had dinner then Bradyn got a tubby. Well, when I washed his ear he screamed. So I knew where we were headed. Thanks goodness our pediatrician has a peds after hour clinic that they are affiliated with so that parents don't have to take their child to the ER. We got a 9pm appt that night and off we went. It was snowing like crazy and the roads were terrible. Well, guess what? Mommy was right (daddy wasn't so sure mommy was right until AFTER the doctor checked his ears!) His little eardrum was flaming red. So now we are on antibiotics for 10 days and then we see our pediatrician in 3 weeks. I should have known that this was coming because he had a really bad cold with a lot of congestion for about 4 days before this.

Bob left for a trip on Tuesday and so Bradyn and I were by ourselves. I took him to daycare because he had no fever but I really wished that I could have stayed home with him because he just wanted to be held. He started feeling better yesterday.

Bob got home from his trip tonight. Bradyn and I went to the library for a lap sit. The theme was trains and of course Bradyn loved that. We look forward to the next one. We really don't have anything planned for this weekend. No pictures to post but I will make up for that this weekend!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Go Steelers

We are getting ready to watch the big Steeler game today. We all have our Steeler gear on and are ready to go! I sure hope that we win. Bradyn is ready to watch "sootball" as he calls it!

Well, we set new record temps here this past week. It was MINUS 22 degrees on Friday morning! BRRRR! It was awful! I told Bob that anyone that chooses to live with temps like that all winter long is CRAZY! Luckily it doesn't happen very much here. It was 19 today when we went to church and that felt like a heat wave! Pretty bad when 19 feels like a heat wave! Thursday morning it was minus 16 and unfortunately I had to be out shoveling snow that morning because Bob was out of town and he won't buy a snow blower. So, I have decided that since I am home alone a lot, I am going to hire the neighbor to come plow my driveway.

Poor little Bradyn has a cold. He sure is tough. He looks miserable but is still playing his heart out. He isn't eating real well though. I am hoping that he feels better soon.

Hope everyone has a great week. Here we go STEELERS Here we go!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Below Zero Temps

Yes, that's right we are to be @ a whopping HIGH of MINUS TWO degrees tomorrow! How exciting! I wish it was my day off! It was a high of 8 on Tuesday and I wore long johns under my scrubs and was still cold, how am I going to manage tomorrow??? I am so ready for spring. Well, we finally got some snow and now it's too cold to go out and play in it. I am actually glad that I had off today because we got about 6 inches of snow over night and it's been blizzard like conditions all day because it's so windy.

So Bradyn and I decided to have pajama day today and I am loving it! I got some chores done today and we have been playing. However, Mommy is not the buddy to play cars with, that's Daddy's job according to Bradyn. He ONLY wants to play cars with Daddy. Well, Daddy has been on a business trip this week and will be home tomorrow so I am sure that's all Bradyn will want to do tomorrow evening. We were going to go to a lap sit at the library but they called today and postponed that until next week due to the frigid temps we are to have.

Yesterday when I picked Bradyn up at school he had a picture of his class that was taken at the end of the year. This kid is soooo obsessed with that picture- it is funny. He carried it around all evening and could tell me who everyone was in the picture- he blew me away. I finally talked him into putting the picture on the fridge so now every time he walks by he stops and looks at it. He is so funny- he will walk by and stop and say KAYLA which is one of his teachers that he just loves- so cute. His vocabulary just keeps expanding daily and is unbelievable for his age.

Enjoy the few pictures and I promise one of these days my husband will get some video pics up for me!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back to work

Well, not much new here. It was back to work this week after having 2 weeks off and boy was it hard! More for me than Bradyn! Every morning while we were home after he would get up in the morning he would say "rocky rocky mommy"- He wanted me to rock him for an hour or so and sometimes he would fall back to sleep. Well, of course I don't have that extra time in the mornings when I work so I was not sure how Monday would go. I did have a little time to spare so we did work that in. I will treasure that time with him because before I know it he will not want me to rocky rocky! He LOVES to snuggle!

I was not sure how he would do going back to daycare but he surprised me on Monday- he walked into his classroom and said Hi to everyone without a problem. However on Tuesday, he would not let go of me and so I had to have one of his teachers hold him when I left. Of course, both days it broke my heart!

Today, I enjoyed my day off and we did some errands. It is so cold and windy here that I hate to be outside so much with him but we did get a few things done. Back to work tomorrow and I am looking forward to the weekend.

Hope you have a good week and I am STILL trying to get Bob to post some pics!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Wow, how time flies! It is 2009 and I can't believe it! God blessed us with such a wonderful 2008 and I am looking forward to another year of excitement and blessings. We hope that all of our family and friends are blessed also.

We celebrated Christmas today since we haven't been home. Bradyn was totally OVERWHELMED! He was so excited. He insisted on not only opening all of his presents but also all of ours! It was so much fun to hear him say something each time he would open a gift and to see his facial expressions. He played him self out with all of his new stuff and is now napping!

We are enjoying our last several days off before we have to go back to work. UGH! We have had a wonderful time off and really enjoyed spending it with family and friends.

Bradyn did well on our trip. He is such a good traveler. He finally said his own name. We were wondering when that would come. He does have a tough name for a kid to say. He has said so many new words the past couple of weeks- it's hard to keep track of. He is using a lot of 2 word phrases to express himself. So cute!

We rang in the new year by falling asleep before midnight (Yes both of us!!) Guess we are getting too old to stay up late! We ordered pizza and stayed home and hung out and enjoyed just being together.

I will have Bob post lots of pics that we took maybe later tonight on a video so be sure to check back. Happy New Year!