Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Ho Ho Ho (that is Bradyn's way of saying Merry Christmas!) Maybe til next year he will be able to say it. We left Illinois on Monday and unfortunately we got a very late start because I worked late. We did not leave until 7pm and drove for about 4 1/2 hours. We spent the night in Indiana and then got up Tuesday and drove the rest of the way. Bradyn did very well and we had no bad weather, which was great!

We got rested up yesterday. We went to the early church service at Bob's church. Bradyn slept thought the entire service because he did not nap at all during the day! Then we went to the late service with my family and Bradyn was awake the entire time! It was 12MN until it was over. I could not believe it but he was so good at that service for it being way past his bedtime.

Today we celebrated Christmas with Bob's family at lunchtime and now are at my parent's house for dinner. Bradyn had a blast opening gifts. He would rip one open and say "MORE" without even looking at the one he opened! Too funny!

Bradyn blew the socks off of Bob and I this week- on Tuesday at the hotel he was playing with the cups in the room and I asked him how many cups he had and I said one and he goes "two, three!" He was correct. He must have leaned that at daycare because we haven't taught him numbers yet! Unbelievable for a 20 month old to be able to count to Three.

Enjoy the rest of Christmas day with your family and friends. Remember...JESUS is the REASON for the SEASON!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


WE have had our low temps set in. UGH! It was minus 3 when we got up and hasn't warmed up much since. The wind is unbelievable. We had a few blinks in our power today but we are lucky so far! We had a horrible ice storm here Thurs night into Friday. I missed work due to the weather and Bob went in later. Bradyn and I hung out at home and got some more chores done. That kid LOVES to help me clean. I hope that continues!

Saturday, Bradyn and I finished up my Christmas shopping and Bob did his. He always waits til the last minute to START!! We then went to see the Christmas lights in the evening. Bradyn sure loved them. Some of the lights were out because of the ice storm but it was still nice.

Today we stayed inside due to the low temps. A lot of churches cancelled due to the temps but ours didn't but we didn't go. We are getting packed for our trip and lots of last minute things to do.

I am off to work tomorrow and then a nice and much needed vacation ahead! Yeah!! Have a great week!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snowy weather

We have had quite the weather here this week. Freezing rain on Monday which mad for a very long trip to work and then snow yesterday which made for a very long trip home from work. On top of all that it has been in the single digits here and we are to get MORE freezing rain tomorrow afternoon! When does spring arrive???

Other than the weather it has been a quite week. Busy today doing some errands, picking up some last minute Christmas presents and cleaning the house. Bradyn sure likes to help me clean. He gets out his little broom, dustpan and mop and follows me around the house- so cute.

He is really interested in my manger scene that I have under our tree. He likes to carry the animals around. His new words this week have been- sheep, donkey, baby Jesus and pocket! And it's only Wednesday!

Tomorrow is our 9 year anniversary. It is so hard to believe that we have been married that long. It seems just like yesterday that I was walking down the aisle! I am married to the most wonderful man and father. Bob is my best friend and I treasure every moment that we spend together. We are planning on just going out to eat when we are in PA for our anniversary so tomorrow I think that we will just order in and stay out of the nasty weather.

I am off to do some chores while Bradyn is napping. Have a good week.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mischieveous child and sick cat

It has been a very busy week. Bob got home Thursday (thank goodness)! I had sick cat all week to take care of and a child that has been into everything!! He's not even 2 yet!! Belle had been very sick and so Bradyn and I took her to the vet on Wed. This is the first time he has gone with me because I usually make those trips on Saturdays so Bob can babysit but this time I had no choice. The vet thought that maybe she had a virus but she could have eaten something she shouldn't have also (which she has been known to do on several occasions!) so we opted to try an anti-emetic and appetite stimulator because she had not been eating and lost a lb. Then off we went to my foot doctor to see the nurse for a follow up from my surgery. I will post a pic of my foot later. It is healing well and feeling much better-finally.

When we got home I gave Belle her meds and she didn't fight me too much. On Thursday morning I gave her the meds and she began foaming at the mouth so I of course was scared to death that something was majorly wrong with her so I called the vet. As I waited for a call back Bradyn decides that he needs to imitate the cat and spits his milk out all over his shirt and onto my tile floor and then took his little hands and rubbed it into my floor! Oh was I mad! I am already late to work by this point! Anyways the vet calls back and tells me this is a normal reaction to giving cats meds (???)

Anyways, Friday she was finally acting normal again and eating on her own. Thank goodness! She is back to her normal self again. I was really worried about her. Bradyn decided to get into my hand cream one night this week while I was in the shower. When I got out I heard him say "uh oh, oh no no no" and he was hiding under my comforter. His one hand was coated in white hand cream and he said "oh no wash!"

Saturday, Bradyn got to meet Santa! While we were waiting in line we asked him if he was going to sit on his lap and he said "NO" so we watched the other kids go and sit on his lap and by the time we got there he did fine- he wasn't so sure at first but did just fine. He says "Santa and Ho Ho Ho" every time he sees him! We then went to dinner- what an experience that was. Bradyn decided he was not sitting in a high chair so we got him a booster seat which was fine until the end of dinner when he managed to make his seat fall off the chair with him in it- he hit the floor with a big THUD. Bob gathered him up and he didn't even cry. Thank goodness he was not hurt but everyone in the restaurant hurt him fall! (those booster seats should have straps on them to tie them down)- next time we will be sitting in a booth with the booster seat!

He came home with an "ouch report" from daycare this week. He and his little friend were sitting the teacher's rocking chair and bumped heads and he ended up with a black and blue eye! Poor guy. We finished up our Christmas shopping last night and then went to church today.

Enjoy the pics and have a great week.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


It is VERY cold here- in the low teens! Then add the wind to it and it's even colder. I am not a fan of winter. We have been very busy here and so I apologize that I missed my last post. I am still trying to get caught up on things since we had been away for the holiday. Having Thanksgiving a week later this year has really messed up my schedule!

On Friday we got our Christmas tree- we always go to the same place. Bradyn had fun but it was soooo cold outside. We got it home and brought it in the house which he thought was pretty neat! Saturday, we got the tree decorated and it looks great! Bradyn tells the tree "nite nite tree" when I turn the lights off and when he gets up in the morning the first thing he does is goes and looks at the tree and says "hi tree hi"-so cute!

Sunday, we got most of our Christmas shopping done- yeah! Bradyn was a good little shopper again. Bob left for a trip again on Monday and won't be home until tomorrow so it's just Bradyn and I. I am hoping to get my Christmas cards done today. Am sure that I will have some help!

Bradyn has been eating really good for us for the past week. He must be going through a growth spurt because he's even eating his veggies- which never happens! He's been going potty for the girls at daycare again but not for me at home. Oh well, he's still young. He turned 20 months old yesterday- unbelievable!

I will try to get some pics posted when Bob gets home. I know that it has been awhile for that!
Have a good week!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Home Safely

We arrived home safely after a 12 1/2 hour trip- 2 hours longer than usual. The roads for the last 3 1/2 hour part of the trip were very bad and no salt trucks to be seen! It was about 40 mph on the interstate. We are happy to be back home. Bradyn did great on the trip. He only fussed about the last 20 minutes- he had enough!

Tuesday was a busy day at work and of course we were exhausted from the traveling. Bradyn cried when I dropped him off at daycare which I kind of expected after he spent 6 days with us. He was fine once I left. Am sure he was happy to see his little friends. I left work early to go have laser surgery on my foot. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting- the lidocaine was to worst part. It actually doesn't feel too bad today but it will take 6 weeks to heal so I have a long time to go!

Bradyn is napping now and I sure could take one too but I have too many things to do today. It is hard to believe that Christmas is only 3 weeks away. Just not enough time in the day to get things done. Bradyn has swim lessons tonight and Bob will get in with him since I can't with my foot. It is his last class. I think we will wait until the spring for the next class. We are planing on getting our Christmas tree on Friday after work.

I am sorry today that I don't have any pics to post because we forgot our camera in PA but as soon as I get it I will post some.

Have a good week. See you Sunday!