Sunday, November 30, 2008

Winter Weather

Yes, we can never come home to PA without running into wintry weather! It always seems to happen right before we are ready to head back! And it is here today! Ice and snow later- just our luck! Looks like we will be driving through it our entire trip back to the Midwest!

Anyways, on Friday was our annual shopping trip! We are not early birds anymore and actually there really wasn't anything in particular we were going for. It is just a fun day to start our Christmas shopping. Actually, I had already started mine earlier- I am trying to do a lot more mail ordering each year. Bradyn was such a trooper! We got to the mall about 10:30 and left about 7:30 and he did not fuss once! He is such a wonderful little boy. He even took a good nap in his stroller. We did get some good bargains!

Saturday was a day of relaxation! I went with mu mom on a Christmas house tour. Bradyn sure missed me for the short time I was gone! Today we went to church with Bob's family. Our new little niece got baptized today. We were so happy that we got to be here for that. It's such a special day in her life! Bradyn was very good in church. He SHOUTED "amen" numerous times! His little ears are definitely listening to Pastor's words. So cute!

We are packing all of our "stuff" now and getting ready to head out in the morning. Good thing that our new vehicle has all wheel drive because I think we are going to need it. We were going to take Bradyn sled riding today but it is pouring down rain. Guess we will have to wait til next time. My brother-in-law came home toady to go hunting tomorrow so we got to see him. That was nice to visit with him.

Well, we will be back home for my next blog and I will get some pics up then. Back to work on Tuesday- I sure have enjoyed my time off. Have a good week.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Today is a time to spend with family and friends and we are fortunate enough this year to be "home" for the holiday. It is great to be with our family. We had a VERY long trip. Bob picked me up after work on Tuesday with our new vehicle fully loaded and he had gotten Bradyn from daycare. So I changed clothes at work and then off we went. Our new vehicle rides so nice and did great through the snow! We left at 5:30 pm central time and got to PA at 5:30 am eastern time! Bradyn did really well. He watched 101 Dalmatians FOUR times without the sound. He did not like the earphones on his head! But he just sat and giggled and kept saying "Puppies" - so cute.. He is a belly sleeper so he was not real comfortable sleeping in his car seat. He would fall asleep and then 10 minutes later fuss and then fall asleep again. But overall he did very well. We stopped for dinner and then once for gas and that was it. We started to hit some snow around Columbus Ohio and then it got worse as we headed east and then we hit Somerset County and it was sleeting and snowing! Typical PA weather!!

We got to meet the newest member of our family-Mia. This is Bob's sister's baby. She is very cute and has lots of dark hair. Bradyn can say her name because we have been working on that.
He really isn't that interested in her but he did try to give her some blocks to play with!!

So we got some sleep yesterday and then last night we went to church with my parents. Bradyn was very good in church and then we stopped to see my grandma and she was very excited to see Bradyn. It has been almost a year since he has seen her. Today Bradyn slept in and then we had turkey at Bob's parents for lunch and then we are going to my parents for dinner. We did get to see my sister yesterday for a few hours which was nice but then she had to go home. Bradyn hasn't been afraid of going to anyone. He acted like he sees everyone all the time. My parents have an Irish Setter puppy and he really liked her which is unusual because he has been very fearful of dogs.

We are off to shop tomorrow but we definitely won't be early birds. I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday and I will have to post pictures when I get home!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Busy Busy

It has been a very busy last few days. So much to do and so little time. I really wanted to get my Christmas decorations out this weekend but that didn't happen. We had so many little errand to run. Friday was a busy day at work. When I went to pick Bradyn up from daycare he was sitting in the rocking chair with his little friend "Nanna" is what he calls her. Her name is Savannah. It was the cutest and I wish that I would have had a camera. They are really good buddies. If you ask him if he wants to go to school he says "Nanna"! So cute!

Saturday I got some things done around the house and then we did some errands and went out for dinner. Yesterday, we went to church and then did some more errands. Bradyn so quite a few trees with lights on them while we were out shopping and he was very excited about them so it will be fun to see what he does when we out our tree up!

We are busy now getting ready to travel for Thanksgiving. We are excited to see a lot of our family. I hate packing and there are never enough hours for me to get it done especially because I have to work today and tomorrow. I did start some of it. I will try to post while we are away! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Oops I forgot

Yes, I know I forgot to post last night- sorry! Last evening was busy and time just flew by. Bradyn and I have been by ourselves this week so it's always busy for me to get everything done in the evenings to prepare for the next day.

Anyways, I am SLOWLY getting used to my new vehicle. It rides really nice and is very quiet. Quite a change from my car! I was busy working Monday and Tuesday and then yesterday I took Bradyn for his Christmas pics. He really wasn't in the smiling mood but e did really well. They did get a few grins out of him. He looked so cute in his outfit. He was really patient while I was ordering the pics. We came home then and he took a nap and then off to swim class. He was so excited to go swimming but when we got there he wasn't really into it because it was actually kind of cold in there. The heat wasn't cranked up like it usually is. He kept saying "swimmy mommy" all week!

Yesterday I was watching Days of our lives and Bradyn really doesn't care to watch TV but for some reason he was interested in my soap and there was a girl crying on there and he said "crying mommy crying!" Not sure where he learned that word at! He is one smart boy!

Today Bob came home and Bradyn was happy to see him! But the poor little guy was asleep by 7pm because I had to get him up so early this morning because I had a meeting for work. He only got to see Bob for about a 1/2 hour.

Have a good weekend and I will be back on Sunday!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Set of Wheels

YEAH! I got a new set of wheels- Finally! After 19 months of traveling with a child in a 2 door sports car I have upgraded to something with 4 doors! My life will be so much easier. We got a new SUV yesterday. I feel like I am driving a house on wheels! It is really going to be hard to get used to driving it because all I have ever driven is a very small car. It is a nice change and of course Bradyn loves sitting up high so that he can see out.

Bradyn had swim lessons on Wednesday and Bob was able to go. He did OK but wasn't really into it so much this week because he was tired. That was the day of no napping for Mommy! We had busy days since then. Saturday was car shopping and today was church and then we ran to the mall afterwards. Bradyn was really good in church. Usually one of us ends up going out into the entryway during the sermon because he gets a little noisy but he was perfect today! He really enjoys watching the kids around us.

We have a busy week ahead of us. Bob is going out of town again this week for work until Thursday. It's always busy for me when he's gone because I have to make sure I am off work on time to get Bradyn. I am going to try and get his Christmas pictures taken this week and he has swim lessons on Wednesday again.

Enjoy the pics!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gloomy weather

It is very cold and gloomy here today. Looks like it could snow at any time. Bradyn and I went and did our grocery shopping today. I hate grocery shopping but I needed a few things so I just did it all today so I don't have to go back this weekend. He was pretty good but got a little fussy at the end because it was his nap time. However he's decided to go on strike today and NOT take a nap. He does this occasionally and it drives me crazy. Usually on Wednesdays he's a good 3 hour napper but not today! He just keeps on going! I don't know where he finds the energy. He usually doesn't get too fussy

So we are doing some chores around the house today. Nothing exciting but Bradyn does have swim lessons tonight. Bob and I have been busy working this week and really not much new.

Bradyn's new favorite word this week is HUG! He loves to give hugs and snuggle. I am trying to teach him what Santa says and he does it pretty good. I can't wait to see what he does this year when he sees Santa.

Hope everyone has a good week.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

19 Months Old Today

Wow, I can't believe it but Bradyn is 19 months old today! I don't know where the time has gone. He has been a blessing to our lives! He is a really wonderful laid back boy! He is so much fun and we love to see him learn new things. He's like a sponge- absorbs everything we teach him!

Wednesday night was swim lessons and as always he enjoyed that. It is getting cold out now so it's not much fun to come out a 95 degree pool to 30-40 degrees outside but he only has 4 classes left and then we will take a break until spring.

Thursday Bob came home but it was late so Bradyn didn't get to see him but he was sure happy to see his daddy Friday morning. He's all about daddy after Bob's been gone all week. It is nice to have him home. We sure miss him when he's gone. Saturday we went shopping for a little while and then out to dinner. We all wore our Steeler gear in preparation for today's game! We had snow flurries yesterday and again today.

We looked at some cars last night and again today. I am so ready to trade my in! We are staying indoors this afternoon and watching the game and race. Hope everyone has a good week!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Another Busy Week

Yes, we have had another busy week here. Can't believe that it is Wednesday already! I have been busy with work this week and Bob left for Canada on Monday so it's just the little guy and me.

Bradyn has really been picking up new words lately. He hears you say something a couple of times and then he says it. He speaks quite clearly for his age. On Sunday in church he heard everyone praying and say Amen and then he said it 3 times! The people behind us were cracking up laughing. We have really been working with him on praying before each meal. On Tuesday we were eating breakfast and just had finished praying when he says "Daddy, pray, Amen" he did this three times and wanted to keep praying for daddy because he wasn't home! So funny!

Today we had errands to do. I had to take him to daycare for a short time because they were doing class pictures today so I waited for him to get done with that then we did our errands. The girls at daycare have a bunny in their room. They said yesterday they let it out to run around with the kids and Bradyn was scared! He sat on the chair and pulled his legs up so the bunny couldn't touch him. Not sure why he is scared because we have 2 cats and they are both bigger than the bunny! They said he is a "ham" at school!

We our home from our errands and Bradyn fell asleep on the way home so he is napping now. He has swim lessons tonight so we are looking forward to that. It is beautiful out today but windy. We may go out to play later. I think it is to cool off later this week so it's probably our last warm day of the year!

Have a good week!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Fun

We had a fun Halloween this year. Bradyn was a chicken! He looked so cute. If you asked him what he was he said "kickin"! He got to dress up in his costume on Thursday and go trick or treating for daycare to all the businesses in town. He came home with a HUGE bag of candy. The girls at daycare loved his costume.

We careved "mumpkins" as Bradyn calls them on Thursday night. He thought it was fun but wanted NOTHING to do with the guts. Then we lit them and put them on the proch and every time we walked by the door he had to stop and look out at them! Very funny!

Friday night we decided not to go trick or treating because Bradyn had so much candy already so we stayed home and answered the door for the kids. I dressed Bradyn in his costume and he had so much fun. He got so excited each time the doorbell rang- he would run to the door and couldn't wait to see who was out there.

The weather has been beautiful here this wekend- almost like summer is here again. I got some things done around the house and then we spent awhile outside playing. Bradyn is obsessed with his mower (he calls it a manow). He wants to take that thing everywhere! Yes, even in the house. It may have to get washed so we can bring it in for the winter. We went to dinner last night.

Today was off to church and then grocery shopping. Bradyn took about a 30 minute nap on the way home from church and has been on the go since then. We have another busy week ahead of us. Bob is off to Canada agiain tomorrow until Thursday so it's just Bradyn and I. It was nice to have Bob home for a week finally. He got to go to Bradyn's swim class on Wed and Bradyn enjoyed having him there.

Here are the pics that I promised. Enjoy!